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Book Cover Creator

Whatever your genre, we want your book cover to be eye-catching and professional. We have the tools to show you how to publish an ebook, and our book cover creator is one of our most prized!


Anyone looking at your book cover, book ad, or website should get a basic understanding of what your book is all about (in a THUMB NAIL size).  The right design makes possible readers click on your book page, read the description, and click the BUY button.


Creating a professional design that works for your book takes more than using a software to crop an image and type in a title. Professional graphic and Web design takes a creative eye with plenty of experience to identify the best fonts, colors, images, and layout for each project.


We've hired an expert full-time to take on this work! The really awesome part is that YOU get to DECIDE from a wide selection of images, fonts and colors! That's right, you choose the details, and we'll do the rest.

We are so confident that you'll absolutely LOVE your new book cover, that we'll work with you with unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied.